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...Are A New Creation!

The decision to follow Jesus Christ is the greatest decision you can ever make.  We have two important days in our lives. The first important day is your "when day" which is the day you were physically born. The second important day is your "why day" which is the day you realize WHY you were born.  You were born to walk with God. Jesus did everything we could ever need for us to have a relationship with God, the Father of all creation. Welcome to the family!

Receiving Christ into your heart is the first step on a lifelong journey. We want to give you a special resource to help you throughout your walk with God called "Following Jesus". Please click and download the booklet today to learn more about who God is and how much He loves you.


It’s also important to discover God’s plan for your life and to get connected to a local, Bible teaching, life-giving church. We have created our Growth Track after each Sunday service to help you do that. Growth Track is an easy on-ramp to getting plugged in at Generations House of Worship. If you don't live near us or if you are looking for a Church, please email us at so that we can help you find a Church local to you. Take your next step and attend Growth Track this week.

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