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About Our Pastors:


Pastor Nick & Niki (Brooklin) Chybrzynski were married in 2010 while serving as Associate / Student Pastors at The Favor Center Church in Hickory, North Carolina. Prior to serving in North Carolina, Pastor Nick had accepted the message of Jesus at 15 years old in a street alley in Natrona Heights, a town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up in a broken home and moving all across America, he had lost faith in God and any hope in a future without struggle and addiction.


Soon after accepting Jesus, he attended ministry school in Columbus, Ohio. This would be the place where, at 18 years old, God clearly spoke to our Pastor that he would one day build "Generations House of Worship". After leaving Bible College, Pastor Nick's next move was to Tucson, Arizona to serve as a ministry intern.


For 6 years Pastor Nick served under Pastor Scotty Gurule' at Covenant Generations Church. While serving at C.G.C. Pastor Nick was soon licensed and eventually launched into full-time ministry and moved to Hickory, North Carolina.


Pastor Nick & Niki met while in North Carolina. Tragic events brought these two together when Niki almost lost her father to a motorcycle accident. The events would unfold in months to come that Niki, whom at the time lived in Alabama, would move her life to North Carolina, accept Jesus, and becoming a powerful leader in the Student Ministry and in the Church. The two eventually married in April 2010 while serving together at The Favor Center Church for almost 5 years.


It wasn't long after working at The Favor Center Church that God began to shape and instruct the future of Generations House of Worship. In 2013, Pastor Nick & Niki relocated to the Pittsburgh area in order plant a healthy, all ages, life-giving Church now known as Generations House of Worship. 


GHOW, once just a clearly spoken word to our Pastor as a teenager, has come alive. We now see hundreds of people from all ages and walks of life enter through the doors of Generations House of Worship every week learning how to walk with God. Weekly life groups, recovery meetings, activities and our weekly Sunday Experience are just a few of the incredible things we have seen come alive at "The House". We hope you find time to attend GHOW soon - and make sure to meet our Pastors when you do!

It's A Big World Out There...

We are passionate about doing life together at Generations House of Worship. We build relationships, we are a family...

"Don't Do Life Alone!"

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