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July 18th, 2020 - #GHOW Weekly Update : Come Home Service + More!

Hey #GHOW Family!!! If you haven't heard - well it is time to hear...WE ARE BACK! We are so excited to announce that the doors will be open this SUNDAY at 9am & 11am. Mark your calendars, tell your friends, and invite your neighbors to come worship with you THIS weekend at either our 9am service or 11am service.

We respect social distancing, but we will not distance any here's the plan. We have taken great steps to make sure that our staff, our GenTeam, our building and our process was ready to move forward as a Church while Covid19 situations continues to effect the world around us. Our Pastor has said since the foundations of Generations, that "the local Church is the greatest hope to our world." God took His Son, but left His Church. The World needs to be able to find the Gospel now more than ever.  A few things to know...

  1. We have had a professional cleaning company clean and disinfect our active areas of the building that we will be using. The House of Worship is clean, safe, and it is going to be so fun to be together.

  2. We understand that while we will all be in the same space, we may not all be in the same place. We respect that, so we have prepared a way for you to let us know your comfort level at this time. When you arrive this Sunday, you will be asked to pick a GREEN, YELLOW, or RED bracelet so we can be sure your needs are cared for. Green bracelets let others know that you are comfortable talking, high fives, and are ok with their proximity to you. Yellow allows others to know that you need your space but you welcome conversation. Red allows those around to know that while you are excited to see them, that you prefer they keep their distance, no high fives or hugs, and to keep the chat to a minimum. Please note, we will also have Green, Yellow, and Red seating available with our Usher Team there to help you get seated.

  3. GenKidz Children's Church? We are continually evaluating what is best for our team, each of our families and our kiddos. At this time, we will have an all ages worship service. We will not be opening any GenKidz areas at this time. We hope to have GK back up and running in the next few weeks but we want to continue to monitor Covid19 and make sure that when we open the GK Doors downstairs it is the best and safest way to have Kidz Church. While we won't have GenKidz, we will have the family care room open and continually cleaned and monitored in case your kiddos need a break from service. We will also have GK Activity Packs available when you enter the sanctuary if you need something to keep the little ones busy. 

  4. FYI , the majority of our serving GenTeam will be wearing masks, exempt will be our praise and worship team, and our Pastor. We do want you to know that we are not requiring masks to enjoy Sunday with us. We ask that if this upsets you to consider if this is the appropriate time for you to join us back in person. If you are not feeling well, have health concerns, or are not comfortable with others not being in masks at this time, please continue to enjoy our online service that labor to make even greater every week so we can be with you and those who call #GHOW their Church from all around the world.

Life Groups are still here and they are changing lives! All ages, all walks of life, family groups, teen groups, all ages groups. From activities to book reads - there is a group for everyone. This is just one of the ways a BIG Church keeps that small intimate feel. Life Groups are where we truly find freedom, and a safe place to be the real us and become the greatest us we could ever dream of. Sign up for a Life Group today @

Hi Fam, Pastor Nick here. I hope you are excited to read that we are gathering again in house starting this Sunday. Let me encourage you, I have sat with my Pastors, my Board, my mentors, and leaders from around the world with the "what is next for us". The continual monitoring of Covid19, national and worldwide events, local needs, national stats of the mental, spiritual and emotional health of our communities, and through prayer and patience...I have made a passionate, and solid decision that we will open the doors of our Church and we will pull anchor so that we can go reach those who are lost at the sea of all that is happening in our world today. People need us. They need you, they need our team, our time or worship, our time in the word, Life groups, they need a team to connect to, a Growth Track to discover their divine purpose. PEOPLE NEED US, and even more - they need to KNOW GOD! How can we be sure that we are taking them to their next step if we can't walk with them. Here is my ask of you, pray for us, pray for your neighbors, pray for our leadership from local to the white house, This has been one of the hardest seasons of my life, so I can only imagine how it has affected you and how you are feeling. Would you join with me and let us not speak against mayors, governor's, our President, not against current hot topics or is the truth..the very Truth that YOU and I have in Jesus, is the very answer that they need as well. Let us join together and let us make Sunday a reminder that ALL THESE OTHER THINGS WILL pass away in time...but the WORD of GOD will remain forever. Let us protect the unity of our Church, of Christ's Church, let us bring hope and unity to the world by speaking to each other in ways that build each other up. There is no answer to many of the world issues other than this, God so loved the world and sent His Son Jesus to save us. We will gather, one voice, one people, one Church to sing, praise, clap, dance, shout, and receive the Word of God that heals, delivers, and equips us for the Kingdom of God  Will you join me this Sunday to make the MAIN THING , the MAIN THING again. Jesus Christ crucified, buried, and resurrected so that you and I could be called sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD!? I hope you will say yes. I hope to see you Sunday at 9am or 11am. I love and miss ya'll! -Pastor Nick and Niki

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